Pakistan Muslim Welfare Association Surrey, United Kingdom

Muslim Funeral & Welfare Services Surrey

Pakistan Muslim Welfare Association is a non profitable and voluntary UK based organization founded by some Pakistani elders came from Pakistan in 1960’s and 1970’s. It was formally established in 1970’s to help and meet the demands of local Muslim community.
“Our aim is to help the UK based Islamic community by arranging and managing the funerals of their loved ones ever since. This welfare association is not working for only Pakistani community but also for all the Muslims providing its services without any discrimination. Now due to tremendous services of this welfare association its members exceed over 4000.”
Our mission statement is “To help promote the interest of Muslims living in Woking and adjacent areas”.
Our services include Instant rejoinder, all preparations done under Islamic rules, Arrangement of grave and burial, all collections and transportation of the deceased, Ghusal facilities,
Kafan, Transport to the Janazah Prayer at the Mosque, Ensure Smooth transition of funeral pray. PMWA also assists with choosing the burial plot and finally laying the deceased to rest and give advice and assistance for members as well as non members of organization. It also interacts with members as well as other group like hospitals, undertakers, funerals services and registrars. PMWA also assists with any paperwork that needs to be carried out, including completing the registration of the death with the nominated registrars. We provide full relief in the time of painful and emotional time.
Our other services include providing information, advice and help to the community on immigration, nationality, passport, visas, benefits, housing etc. To write on behalf of clients to offices and agencies, translate and interpret, do advocacy for clients. Our executive committee is always there for your help in the time of grief and sorrow. We’ll help you and take your grief and make it our own. So it’s all about for the welfare of Muslim community.


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