Celtic Forest

Eco Friendly Wooden Garden Furniture

Store! We create hand crafted and forest friendly outdoor wood furniture for generations. Our furniture has been designed with vision to provide our customers best quality and extremely durable furniture for years that will be cherished by everyone. We craft furniture for use both in home and in civic areas gardens, patios, parks and more as per our customer project that need custom modification. Few of our top selling furniture are Carmarthen Classic Plus, The Pembroke, Carmarthen Bench, The Monmouth, Carmarthen Classic Deluxe, Carmarthen Chair, Carmarthen Classic, and Carmarthen Coffee Table.

We provide customized garden furniture as per our customer’s choice, style and budget. We add a personal customized touch to our furniture. We always strive to meet our customer’s expectations as our customers are the most important people for us in the world. To order your furniture online or get a budget quote please call us at +44 (0)1792 427966 or email us nathan@celticforest.co.uk .


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Last Updated: 2014-01-02 12:50:12

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