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Considering a divorce? If so, you probably have a lot of questions like how do I know what I should and shouldn't say to my spouse during the divorce? what are my rights? How much will it cost? How long will the divorce take? What am I entitled to?

We've helped thousands of families with these questions and we can help you too. You're not alone but you do need a game plan to protect your rights. If you want lawyers who are aggressive and unafraid to go to trial for you call Arnold & Wadsworth. We're a full service Family Law Firm and we fight for you. We won't settle until you get what is entitled to you by law. Beware of understaffed lawyers who lack the resources to fully represent you. Many solo lawyers who are looking for work end up taking on family law cases because they think it's easy work, but to us your life is nothing to treat lightly.

We can help with legal matters including Family Law, Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation. To get help, answers, advice and a legal team that is aggressively committed to you and your rights, call Arnold & Wadsworth today.


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