Esco Optics Inc.

Dealing with Customized Optics

"Esco Optics is a custom optics manufacturer. Esco Optics is also the leading optic manufacturer of standard catalog optics, precision optical components, and ITAR optics in the United States.
Family-owned and operated for over 50 years, Esco has taken a personal approach to serving each customer, revolutionizing how optic companies conduct business today.
With the latest optic technology and a highly-trained staff, Esco adds a customer service element that far surpasses its competitors, all while producing top quality optical components across a wide range of industries. Esco specializes in prototype optics and high volume optics production, excelling in quality and lead times. All of our custom optics derive from our inventory of raw materials. This allows us to keep common glass materials on our shelves and manufacture products as you need them. For customers with highly customized optic lens requests, we are also able to obtain uncommon materials to fill your order in a timely manner
At Esco Optics, we treat every customer like family, no matter how large, small, simple or complex your order may be. Many of our employees have been with the company for over 20 years and are very passionate about working in the optics industry.
Our dedication is the driving force behind our entire product line and we welcome the opportunity to serve all your optical needs."


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