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Eco-friendly Fashion Accessories

Ela Bazaar offers handcrafted eco friendly Fashion Accessories.
We are committed to working in an ecologically-friendly manner and to ensure sustainable production methods.
Our aim is to offer the products that are natural, ethical and cruelty free. The really cool thing is, there will never be any nasty ingredients in any of the products we carry ever! That’s what makes them truly ethical products and that’s why we trust them!

We want to be innovative in what we do and therefore with our expertise we strive to provide the high end designs which are stylish, durable and available at affordable price.
All Ela Bazaar lifestyle products are individually handcrafted and are a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional techniques and art forms. We choose products that serve an important cause, which is to help save our planet. Recognizing the importance of ecological wastage, we offer products which are made from natural fibres and up-cycled materials.
Our mission is to promote Green fashion in the main stream market and create eco lifestyle.

So, no matter what your style, taste or budget, at Ela Bazaar our goal is to help you let out your inner fab.


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Last Updated: 2014-02-16 17:13:40

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