FutureWorks is a professional admissions consulting firm providing one-on-one admissions consulting services to applicants to leading undergraduate and postgraduate programs abroad – such as Harvard, Columbia, Stanford and MIT. We also deliver workshops to help parents and applicants gain an overview of key aspects of the application process.

The application process for graduate and post graduate studies in USA & Canada can be quite complex and can change from year to year. We believe that the process merits advice and feedback from an objective and knowledgeable source. We provide you with the type of feedback that you will not get from friends, family, or even current students.

Getting into leading institutions for study abroad abroad is highly competitive, with acceptance rates as low as 7% to 15%. It also requires more than just good academics – it requires candidates to demonstrate a number of other skills such as leadership and teamwork. We use our institutional knowledge of the process to dramatically increase your chances of admission to top universities.

Our goal is to help you to create an application that covers all the areas admissions officers assess you on, to help you stand out from hundreds of other ‘stars’, to eliminate any concerns an admissions officer might have, while at the same time showing an extra spark that indicates a high potential for future contribution to the university.

FutureWorks is not just an ‘overseas education consultant’ service. We help you through the entire process from advising you on pre-application strategy, admissions consulting, a pre-departure skills training workshop and coaching on the job search process while you are at university. We are committed to your future success.


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Last Updated: 2013-09-19 13:56:09

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