SIS LIVE Limited

SIS LIVE offers an innovative, wide ranging portfolio of products and services, including: satellite uplink, SNG,
satellite internet services, media fibre, teleports, distribution, satellite capacity provision, and the design and
manufacture of broadcast and satellite products.

SIS LIVE's comprehensive fibre and satellite infrastructure forms a cohesive and robust connectivity portfolio.
Through any combination of these facilities SIS LIVE are able to offer you the best, most reliable and cost-effective service.

SIS LIVE pride themselves in the diversity of their services. Whether for a major live sports event at a busy venue,
a breaking news story which requires an immediate response or an overseas broadcast which requires instant connectivity
to or from the UK, SIS LIVE's resilient solutions via fibre and satellite promise to deliver a robust and redundant connection.
Through their diverse range of connectivity services, whether fibre, streaming or satellite; SIS LIVE is able to offer
market leading service level availability.


Milton Keynes
Last Updated: 2016-01-15 16:23:17

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