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QUALIFIED TO TACKLE ANY SITUATIONOur professional, master technicians are equipped to deal with surfaces including leather, eco Leather, vinyl and leather match. The treatments that can be administered include; stain removal, scuff repairs, pet damage repairs and restoration from general wear and tear.
We are also capable of fixing problems like splits, tears, holes, and burns. The range of procedures that may be used are sanding, filling, sub patching, re colonising, gluing, and super seal lacquering. Other features of the service include complete panel replacements, cleaning, car seat restoration and lots more.
WORK COMPLETED ON LOCATIONThere is no need to worry about the problems of transporting the items to be fixed either, as the technicians are able to complete their work on site.
Their flexible working hours also mean that they can accommodate customers at a time that suits them. In addition to any work completed, they are able to offer informed advice on any other item that might need repair.
DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPEOver the past few years national chains in the furniture market have put a heavy emphasis on sales. Television, radio, newspapers and websites have been saturated with a vast array of high profile advertising campaigns selling furniture with prices cleverly disguised in interest free payment plans and apparent price reductions.
This has led many customers into thinking of their furniture as disposable consumables. Armchairs and sofas are presented as the type of item that can be discarded and replaced after a relatively short lifespan. Now many items are thrown away with relatively minor wear and tear as people think that it is just as cheap to replace as repair.
This is simply not the case. In addition to the savings that can be made by repairing furniture there is also the benefit to the environment in keeping these large items in the home rather than sending them to landfills. Try calling today. The friendly team will give a quote with no obligation to buy


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