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leather repairs bolton

Our fully trained Sofa Repairs Bolton team will set up an appointment with you first of all. We will listen your needs carefully, analyze your sofa and show you the record of our previous works that we have performed. Thereafter we will quote the best deals for your work that match your needs as well as your pocket.

Once you finalize your deal, we will provide the time period within which your sofa will be repaired. Do you want our technicians to carry your sofa to our workshop? In such case we provide the timings for both carrying and returning your furniture, often it takes a week hardly.

Cleaning is very important to care for your leather households. By this, the dust and oils are removed efficiently that may cause leather rupturing otherwise. The cleaning helps in maintaining the tenderness and sleekness of leather sofa. The leather repair Bolton professionals utilize the excellent cleaning items that have foaming action in order to dissolve the dirt and oils from leather furniture.

We undertake the various types of repair tasks as following:
Pet scratches
Crack, Wear Repairing
Patching and stitching
Frame or panel replacement
Tears, burns and holes repairing
We provide the complete leather re-coloring that cannot be differentiated from the original leather color so the repaired leather looks like a novel item. With the help of online restoration and re coloring, we never let you feel that your leather has ever met with any damage earlier.


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