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Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy is a talking therapy practice. The process involves talking to a professionally trained practitioner, whose aim is to assist you make sense of things that are troubling you and to help you make changes in the ways you deal with difficulties. So it is not always about making changes in the person, but it could be about making changes in the way a person manages life situations. Although we need to keep in mind that every experience does affect and change us all in small or large measures and many clients chose and embrace the changes in themselves that are brought about by their experience of self-discovery during the therapy.
There are many different methods and techniques in psychotherapy. Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy assists you to resolve difficulties by increasing awareness of your inner world and its influence over your current relationships and life situations.
The professional relationship between you and your psychotherapist is significant in helping you deal with difficulties by understanding and working through them at an emotional level. The experience should provide an opportunity to revisit past experiences, re-evaluate how these have shaped your life and continue to influence present feelings, actions, and relationships, and to help expand emotional intelligence and self-knowledge.
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy can be especially useful in helping people with long term or recurring problems getting to the root of their difficulties and, through understanding, to change destructive ways of relating to themselves and to others.
The therapy can continue for one or several years, or may be shorter term. It may take place one-to-one, with couples or in groups. The frequency and number of sessions depend on the nature and extent of the difficulties and availability. Usually sessions are held one or twice a week, but can occur less frequently. These conditions are best negotiated in a first meeting.


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