Elizabeth Raine Ltd


British Luxury jewellery brand from London, Elizabeth Raine, fuses symbolic story telling designs, exquisite materials and jewellery craftsmanship. Featured In The New York Times Magazine and Harpers Bazaar Elizabeth Raine is a celebrity jewellery favorite. Elizabeth Raine jewellery is a statement of individuality and encapsulates positive, radiant energy, beauty, and sometimes a little of Elizabeth's wit. Elizabeth Raine Jewellery is finely crafted by a small workshop of the most skillful artisan jewellers, using only the finest natural materials and gemstones, handpicked and especially sourced for their special qualities. Every detail is created by hand with passion and love, making each piece exclusive and one-of-a-kind. Each piece is defined by our official registered stamp and hallmarked at the London Assay Office. The journey of an Elizabeth Raine piece, from a tiny sketch to its stunning presentation in its own jewel box, is filled with passion and love.


Last Updated: 2014-06-08 06:41:56

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