Business email archiving solutions

Cryoserver provides carrier-grade forensic email archiving and email compliance systems. Enterprises, businesses, and government organisations rely on Cryoserver to ensure the retention of and access to critical business, operational, and publicly held email information.

Companies from all business sectors rely on our email archiving systems, which provide a tamper-evident record of all email traffic to, from, and around their organisations. Whether your organisation has 1 or 15,000 employees, Cryoserver can provide countless benefits to help you store emails in a secure and reliable way.

Customers benefit from using our systems with:

- Fast access to critical information.
- Cost and time savings as well as employee efficiency improvements.
- High standards of data privacy and protection
- Permits auditing of searches to ensure that individuals entrusted with performing investigations stay within defined parameters.
- Avoids the necessity of broad employee involvement in search activity, limiting access to an investigating officer.
- Email compliance with various rules and regulations.

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