Country Style Cookers Ltd

Reconditioned Aga and Rayburn Cookers

Country Style Cookers Ltd. were established in 1998 and supply reconditioned Aga and Rayburn range cookers within a 150-mile radius of our site in Hereford, UK. Our staff members have over five decades of combined experience in working with renovated Aga and Rayburn range cookers. These appliances are ever popular because they operate by storing heat continuously until it's needed for cooking. Our Aga ranges include Deluxe and traditional versions, and our Rayburn ranges include Royal solid fuel, Royal oil / electric and supreme. We have a cooker for every taste and budget so start browsing and let us make your dream cooker into reality!


Refurbished Rayburn Country Style Ovens Reconditioned Deluxe Domestic Appliances - Sales Hereford
Last Updated: 2016-07-06 13:08:03

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