China is richly endowed with the raw materials needed for making ceramics. Chinese discovered and mastered the techniques of porcelain first. Ceramic products are not only an important cultural heritage of human civilization? they are still very much a part of everyone lives, and in a very lively and colorful way. A beautifully crafted and tastefully formed ceramic piece not only is a fruit of the technology and craft of its times, it also records the bits of history and life. Sometimes, it can even carry paintings, poetry, calligraphy, sculpture all on its tiny body? or serve as a medium of information for society.

Among primitive Chinese potteries, aside from colored potteries, the black earthenware had also attained considerable refinement in technique and artistically. Black pottery first appeared around 2,000 BC, and was based on the colored pottery. It was during the transitional period from primitive society to slave society in China that black pottery was created. Be it religious or ancestral rituals, everything at that time was developing towards a more standardized and systematic direction. The members of society had a clearer differentiation of social status, and political and economic interests also needed to be systematically distributed among them


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