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Welcome to @Ease Catering

@Ease Catering's aim is to provide exquisite service and culinary excellence at all our events and special occasions. We are a reliable and professional catering company from Glasgow that covers North, South, East and West Scotland.

We specialise in large corporate hospitality, weddings, buffets and high end private dining. We offer food recipes that will tease your taste buds and make your mouth water ensuring that you keep coming back to @Ease Catering whenever you need the best catering, bespoke or afforable catering menus and first class service within your budget. Our team of excellent chefs and staff have helped to run, organise and deliver some of the countries biggest and most successful events.

Our team's expertise in all types of corporate events, wedding events, outdoor catering and home catering stems from over 17 years in the events and food industry. We are a reputable catering business with established partners to ensure that your special event and catering needs are fulfilled to the highest level.

We also offer chef consultancy services for existing and the new catering business alike. Please read all about us and contact us to discuss your business and catering requirements.

@Ease will create and deliver a special event or catering menu that you will be delighted with.


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