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Low G.i. Multiseed Bread with high natural dietary fibre - low in G.i. full of taste and nutrition and containing high levels of iron calcium and essential amino acids
'G.i.' stands for Glycaemic Index: a way of ranking individual foods from 1 to 100 according to the effect they have on blood sugar levels - i.e. how quickly they are digested
Foods with a low G.i. ranking (1 to 55) cause a slow steady rise in blood sugar levels reducing food cravings & making you feel full for a longer period of time
Research from leading UK universities into the impact following a Low G.i. diet can have, suggests that foods with a low G.i. help people control their blood sugar levels and may contribute to weight loss

A low G.i. diet not only involves eating carbohydrates such as fruit vegetables and cereals it promotes slowly digested carbohydrates such as rye bread oats and wholemeal pasta that provide a slow sustained release of energy
These products that have a G.i. below 55 are known as 'good' carbohydrates
• Bread is a carbohydrate, but very few breads are low G.i. – most are in the medium range Our Low G.i. Multiseed Bread which is one of the few that fall into the low G.i. category with a score of just 54
• Low G.i. Multiseed Bread is a delicious combination of pumpkin linseed and sunflower seeds combined with wheat bran and oat flakes to give an extra special tasty darker style bread with extra bite and a coarse open texture
• Every 100g of Low G.i. Multiseed Bread is made up of 46.4g of carbohydrate of which 38.4g is starch and 2.9g sugar with just 0.85g of salt
• Per 47g Serving : Calories130 Fat 1.5g Salt 0.4g
• Ingredients Wheat Flour Water Sunflower Seeds Linseeds Wheat Protein Pumpkin Seeds Yeast Rye Flour Jumbo Oats Sourdough Powder Wheat Bran Sugar Salt Burnt Sugar Emulsifiers E472e Ascorbic Acid E300 Contains Wheat Gluten Soya It is ideal for dieters, healthy eaters, vegetarians and type 2 diabetics following a low G.i. diet
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