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You may be the careful owner of a stylish leather recliner, sofa, or even a complete suite. Perhaps your car has comfortable interior leather seats. At work, those expensive leather chairs may add to the style and appearance of your business. No matter how well you take care of your leather upholstery, both the passage of time and occasional accidents will affect it. This is where we can help.
From Southend-on-Sea to Saffron Walden, Harlow to Colchester - in fact at any location throughout Essex - our helpful, experienced and friendly repair and restoration team are ready to come to the aid of any distressed piece of leather furniture or upholstery.
How we can rescue your leather upholstery?
There are two main types of events that can damage your leather furniture. One is the occasional accident, Perhaps a tear or spillage; the other is simply the passage of time and the effects of everyday life, regular use - and possibly, visitors, children and pets!
Here’s how we can help with both of these key areas: • Dealing with accidental damage - Where the surface has suffered a rip, cut, or tear, we can work to skilfully and expertly repair or resurface that part of your upholstery which has suffered this damage. For accidental spillages, marker pen misfortunes, or other marks, we can carefully match and recolour the affected area
• Dealing with the effects of time - Where colour has faded due to ongoing exposure to bright sunlight, or become darkened by, for example, the effect of natural oils in hair rubbing against the upholstery, we can again carefully recolour. Sometimes, seams can gradually tear, or surfaces crack, stretch, separate, or crease; our experts can resurface and repair as necessary. We can also provide comfortable new padding for those tired seats or bolsters.
Aim for early diagnosis and timely repairs Your leather furniture is often a substantial investment; therefore you’ll want it to last as long as possible and be in as good a condition as it can be. So, do take the time to carefully examine your upholstery. As soon as you spot any current or potential problems, contact us. Our team can immediately set to work to minimise the damage, and protect both the elegance and value of your leather furniture.
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