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At Bluedrive Driving School Crawley we pride ourself on many things, our relaxed, friendly teaching style always gets mentioned - but our above average first time pass rate is something we love to promote!

By being driving instructors in Crawley for years we understand that every single one of our students is different and therefore responds in a different manner to the pressures of driving on the road. Some can be nervous and drive timidly and others can be fearless and drive recklessly. Both of these can be dangerous on the road so, naturally, we tailor our lessons to suit the individual.

You will need a few things before you start your driving lessons. You will have to send off for a provisional driving license. This will enable you to start taking lessons legally. Make sure all the details on it are correct.

You will need to buy an up to date copy of "The Highway Code" and study this. It is imperative you thoroughly learn this book and all the signs and laws in it as these may come up in the theory exam.

You must be aware that you cannot actually be allowed to take a driving test in Crawley until you have passed your theory test. A word of advice here, many people assume they will pass their theory and book their test for soon after. We recommend you wait until you pass your theory before you book your test. You will save money by not having to rearrange the test if you were not to pass the theory.

The theory test consists of a series of 50 questions with multiple choice answers and also contains a video section known as "The Hazard Perception Test". The video section itself consists of fourteen clips, one minute long each. You have a maximum time of 57 minutes to complete the test. Once it is completed you will be shown to a waiting room until your theory test is marked and handed back to you.

Bluedrive Driving School Crawley have a money back offer for first time students, plus bulk driving lessons discount buying! Visit our site today for further information.


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