Why hassle up with using different suppliers when the experts at Pentech Moulding Company can handle your project from the design stage right the way through production exactly the way you want and saving money and time while you take care of your profits.

That's right, at Pentech Moulding we can handle all your plastic moulding requirements for you; from the design stage to production we can delivery finished products when you want, our Technicians take care of it all!

Pentech Moulding offers it's "All Inclusive" Plastic Moulding service to businesses all over the United Kingdom and European region.

Since 1990 Pentech Moulding has supplied throughout United Kingdom plastic moulding and toolmaking service. To hundreds of satisfied repeat customers, Pentech Moulding is in the forefront of the plastic moulding service industry. Working closely with clients to fulfil orders that is the aim of our business, a high standard of response to orders received is a priority, delivering products of the highest quality on time and adapting where necessary. and customer oriented approach to business and exceptional service standards have Allowed Pentech Moulding to out distance ourselves from the competition.

With Pentech Moulding you will receive the highest plastic moulding quality service for a fair and competitive price. We are constantly learning and training to stay on the cutting edge of the Plastic Moulding industry to insure that our service standards are always light years ahead of our competition. Our entire service goal focuses towards meeting the needs of the customer, while occupying as little of their time as possible. We always go the extra mile, we are "on time, every time" and the customer is always right.


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Last Updated: 2014-01-20 22:10:25

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