Live Life Fitness

Offers personal fitness training

Everyone knows that staying healthy and keeping fit is very important to have a happy long life. Unfortunately, people also find it difficult to find the time to make fitness and exercise a regular routine in their daily lives. For residents of Chertsey and the surrounding areas, Live Life Fitness makes this much more easier for them to achieve this. Mark Burgess will come to the client's home or nearby park to train with them to help them maintain or reach their fitness level. Clients can also be rest assured they will receive the best in training as Mark is a fully qualified and registered fitness trainer. Because everyone's fitness goals are unique, he will first arrange a free consultation with the client to assess their needs. A program will then be developed suited for them. His programs are designed to meet the needs of the clients, unlock their potential but going at pace that is comfortable with the client. All at the same time of being challenging yet hopefully enjoyable. His specialty areas of fitness include personal training, cardiovascular fitness, fat loss, low back pain, muscle toning, core stability, distance running, nutrition advice, fitness, exercise and more.


Last Updated: 2014-10-13 15:51:13

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