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Pixie & Jack: opening up a universe of luxurious baby linens. Whether you are searching for beautiful baby and toddler essentials, or seeking that unique gift, come and be delighted by our broad range of products. Your infant has got the skin. For this reason the softest fabrics are at the heart of everything Jack and Pixie do. Right beside durability, because you'll want them to last and last. How can you want your own child to feel? With our materials, they'll be relaxed, comfortable and wrapped in love. Deliciously delicate sheets, blankets and towels. Pixie and Jack were developing, producing and making baby products for over thirty years. Which gives us the insight and experience to know what works and what lasts. And, additionally, we know what infants (and parents) love. Pixie & Jack was set up by a preceding favorite supplier to John Lewis, Heals and Harvey Nichols. With her great sense of style as well as fire for fabrics, she is now focussed on making linen for children and babies that's refined, trend -forward and delightful. No rock is unturned within our research f or quality. For this reason our hooded towels and sleeping bags are edged with the softness of Italian material. As well as for the touch of luxury, our sleek soft satin edgings come from France. Safety is really one of the top priorities. Pixie and Jack understand that, therefore our products are rigorously tested to make certain they meet industry standards. And we also insist on accountable and ethical creation standards. Pixie and Jack pride ourselves that our materials are produced in ethically-good factories, we really do not damage the environment in any one of our dyeing processes along with the workplace of all those involved in producing our products is safe and ethical. Jack and Pixie believe good service means delivery if you want it, fleet order processing and a friendly customer service. And that is what we do, so you can simply enjoy shopping around!

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