Fundraising Vision

We have an army of secret superheroes! They spend their days undercover, fighting mini battles to help others and change lives on a daily basis.
You might see them from time to time – they have traded their capes for fluorescent jackets and their masks for ID badges; they may not have a utility belt, web shooters or a power ring but they have their passion and their clipboard and they’re raring to go!
FV send our secret superheroes to high streets, homes and shopping centres every day with fire in their hearts and a glint of determination in their eyes. Their mission is to find likeminded individuals (fellow superheroes) that are looking to commit to long term donations to help out with one of the many worthy causes they may be championing on that day.
It’s not always easy for our guys and girls; sometimes they really do need to be made of steel and they definitely need to have enough passion to reverse the earth’s spin. But don’t worry; only a couple of our fundraisers have X ray vision (and they assure us they only use it for good), but all of them get the opportunity to fly.
If you were looking to join our ranks, either working daytimes on the nations high street or talking to people in their homes of an evening, we have hours and packages to suit any superhero.t any


Last Updated: 2013-12-19 10:46:38

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