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Brighton and Hove Funeral Directors Just off Portland Road in Hove, Brighton Funeral Directors provides one of Brighton and Hove's top funeral services. We at Brighton Funeral Directors appreciate that making funeral decisions for a recently deceased loved one will be one of the most difficult tasks you've ever had to take on. We take great pride in handling all of the funeral arrangements upon your instructions. There are many options available to you to personalize the service to your loved one, as there are no true rules for how funeral services need to be conducted. From start to finish, Brighton Funeral Service will provide a completely unique service to help you say goodbye to your loved one. For Caring, Compassion, and Choice: Brighton Funeral Directors Brighton Funeral Directors can assist you in arranging a cremation or burial no matter what the details, from traditional religious services to alternative celebration of life affairs, cremation to burials, and something to suit every budget. We promise to carefully go over all the details with you in as much time as you need, we will never make you feel rushed. And we can help you arrange everything, no matter what options you go for, even if you'd rather just have a small gathering in your own home. Brighton Funeral Directors values care, compassion, and choice above all else, and we go to great lengths to ensure we are responsive to your wishes during this trying time. Alternative and Traditional Funeral Services We will help you plan a service in accordance with your loved one's last wishes. If you're looking for a more traditional service, Brighton Funeral Directors can offer a service which relates to time-honoured tradition. Traditional services typically include a minister to give the service in a family or local church, and a hearse. Regardless whether or not religion will play a part in the ceremony, we can shape the service around the wishes of your loved one. More alternative arrangements, such as celebration of life services, are growing in popularity as more people are choosing a more personal approach to ceremony. Cremation services, sea burials, and eco-friendly burials are among some of the alternative service options available. Celebrant and Secular Funeral Services A celebrant service focuses more on celebrating the deceased's life while still providing that important time to say goodbye. Regardless if you are religiously affiliated or secular, Celebrant services can be tailored for either. Philip, owner of Brighton Funeral Directors, is a fully trained funeral celebrant that can aid you in planning a truly inspirational service that honours the memory of your loved one. Brighton Funeral Directors will work closely with you on all funeral decisions to build a truly meaningful service. Funeral Directors Available 24 Hours a Day Funeral Services are available whenever you need us, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and we offer home visits if you need us to come to you. We offer services that include a female funeral operative who specializes in looking after your loved ones and carrying out any necessary preparations. From first contact through to the end of the service, we will be there for you in this difficult time. If you want to know more about our services, we do offer a no obligation, free consultation. For care, compassion, and choice you can call us anytime, night or day.


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