Sunsure UK Ltd

We are an insurance broker, specialised in commercial and Jewellers block insurance with an experience of over 12 years. Whether you are a small independent business or a corporate chain, we can help save you money. Why choose us?
- We are passionate to protect your business and always work to achieve in your best interests.
- With our knowledge of risks and the insurance market to find the most appropriate insurance policy at the best possible price.
- We have a panel of over 190 insurers/schemes including access to Lloyd's of London, means you are always assured to get the best deals and coverage from the most reputable insurers.
- We will discuss about your insurance demands and needs so we can arrange for a full formal quotation and thereof a suitable policy. We will make your choices clear by telling the range of additional products we offer.
- We are always here for you when you have a claim. We will give you advice on the best way to handle the claim, and you'll receive our full attention and support at all times
- We offer free review of your existing insurance arrangements.


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