VapourPlanet your electronic cigarettes UK supplier

Shisha Pen or electronic cigarette supply nicotine with no tar or a different dangerous substances contained in smoke. Whether you are interested in an electronic cigarette kits or some spare parts or add ons, you can buy whatever you require through our store.

E-cigs (callced also vapour cigarettes) are significantly cheaper than traditional cigs and might save you thousands of pounds yearly. As the e-liquid or e-juice found within its cartridges create vapour not smoke, electronic cigarette will not smell or stain.

Our company purpose will be to provide quality e-cigarettes, excellent service all at great prices. You may discover lots of similar seeming products elsewhere at different costs, but you really can sense the difference between quality and inexpensive electronic cigarette.


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Last Updated: 2014-05-27 11:14:06

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