The Wicked Stitch of the East, Inc.

Your Source for Embroidery Digitizing

The Wicked Stitch of the East has been digitizing designs for the commercial embroidery industry for more than three decades. We offer custom embroidery design, stock designs, and free designs, which are produced in our Embroidery Digitizing Center located in Cleveland, OH, USA.

Our customer base ranges from the home-based embroiderer to the multi-head shop. By paying close attention to quality, service, price structure, and turnaround time, you can be assured of the best quality embroidery digitizing anywhere and at competitive prices.

We realize the importance of customer service. Customers want human contact and not just contact through e-mails. We are here to answer your sewing questions and to share our vast experience in embroidery & digitizing with you. We like to think that being available to our customers has made them successful, which in turn makes us successful.

We have created this site so that you may get a comprehensive feel of an international digitizing leader which has been around for 3 generations.


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