Cunning Plan Marketing

Cunning Plan Marketing is a Manchester based digital marketing agency, providing expertise for your business campaigns and projects that deliver results.

Think of Cunning Plan as your in-house marketing department, providing a range of services including web design, graphic design, video production, Internet marketing and search engine optimisation. The only difference is that it's staffed with a dream-team of experts in all fields of marketing.

We save clients' time and money by coordinating a network of experts in every sector of marketing to deliver cohesive campaigns and or projects.

For the past 4 years, Cunning Plan Marketing has been building a team of experts that excel in what they do. A carefully chosen network allows our team to solve any problem your business may have, and come up with an effective marketing solution.

But it's not all about marketing, Cunning Plan Marketing is more than a digital marketing agency, we will recommend elements that will prove most effective to you, whether it is in the form of pr, web design, video, email or social media integration.

Over the years, Cunning Plan Marketing has worked with a number of big clients in different industries, including Nissan, JCB, Hallmark Hotels, N1 Centre Islington and West Orchards Shopping Centre to provide individually tailored campaigns and projects for each client.

These campaigns and projects came in the form of web apps, web design, email marketing, social media implementation, PR campaigns and more.

Cunning Web is a web design & development service provided by Cunning Plan Marketing, providing businesses with a high quality web service, which can include responsive web design, content management and brand awareness.


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